Box of Burritos.... $15.99

        box of your favorite 10 burritos 


Bacon & Egg                Potato & Egg

Sausage & Egg            Potato & Chorizo

Chorizo & Egg              Papas Rancheras

Machacado & Egg       Ground Beef & Potato

Chorizo & Bean            Bean & Cheese

Pork Asado                  Bean, Cheese & Bacon     

Guizo                            Barbacoa

Chicharron                    Carnitas              


          Fajita Burritos $2.25


                          Add On’s

Cheese 50¢            Beans 45¢             Bacon 60¢

Potato 60¢             Egg 85¢                 Onion 35¢

Tomato 35¢           Lettuce 35¢           Sour Cream 50¢

Guacamole 75¢      Pico 35¢                Jalapeño 35¢

Cilantro 35¢          Grilled Jalapeño 75¢



             Jumbo Burritos

El Pepe .....$4.99   The ultimate breakfast burrito

wrapped in a Texas sized tortilla filled with sausage,

bacon, potato, egg & cheddar cheese


La Karlita .....$ 5.50     Lunch rolled into a XXL flour

tortilla with ground beef, beans, rice, lettuce, tomato,

sour cream & cheddar cheese


            Street Tacos...$1.50

      diced beef fajita with sauteed onions topped

     cilantro on a corn tortilla with lime on the side


                    Gorditas... $2.75

      Corn gorditas stuffed with your choice of meat,

                            lettuce and tomato


                         Meat Selections

     beef fajita. chicken fajita . chicharron . asado

         barbacoa . ground beef . carnitas . guizo


                  Tortas ...$5.99

       Made on our fresh, toasted tellera bread

   and stuffed with your favorite meat selection,

refried beans, guacamole,  mayonnaise, lettuce,

                tomato and pico de gallo












Chicken Torilla Soup.....$2.99 cup   

                                               .....$5.99 bowl 

Spicy tortilla soup with chicken, cheese,

corn and a dab of avocado.


M, W & F:  Beef Caldo.....$7.50 bowl     

Beef and veggie soup, hearty beef with cabbage,

carrots, potatoes, corn and squash served with

rice, lemon and tortillas


Sat & Sun: Menudo........ $2.99 cup 

                                            .........$7.25 bowl    

Traditional beef tripe and hominy soup, served

with lemon, onion cilantro, tortillas or bollio


          Breakfast Plates
             6am-11am weekdays



#1 Huevos Rancheros.....$6.99

2 eggs topped with ranchero sauce served

with refried beans and tortillas


#2 Chorizo & Egg Plate......$ 6.99

2 scrambled eggs mixed with pork chorizo,

served with a side of refried beans and tortillas


#3 Migas..... $7.50

Shredded and fried corn tortillas mixed with

2 eggs, pico de gallo and cheddar cheese,

served with refried beans and tortillas


#4 Barbacoa & Eggs..... $7.75

2 eggs with a side of beef barbacoa,

served with refried beans and tortillas


#5 Breakfast Special..... $7.75

2 eggs, toast, diced potatoes, 2 sausage patties,

2 strips of bacon or two strips of ham


         Breakfast Sides

Bacon (2) $1.25        Sausage (2) $1.25     

Potatoes $1.25          Ham (2) $1.25 

Egg $1.50                  Toast $0.99   

Cheese $0.50            Salsa Ranchera $ 1.25




        Daily 11am-8pm


#1 Enchiladas.... $6.99

2 cheese, chicken or beef enchiladas, served

with rice and refried bean

#2 Flautas..... $6.99

3 beef or chicken hand rolled flautas topped

with lettuce, tomato and sour cream, served

with rice and refried beans


#3 Tacos..... $6.99

2 soft or crispy beef or chicken tacos with

lettuce, tomato and cheese served with rice

and refried beans


#4 Fajitas..... $8.50

Beef, chicken or combo fajitas served with rice

and refried beans, lettuce, tomato and cheese


#5 Gorditas.... $7.99

2 corn gorditas stuffed with your choice of meat,

lettuce and tomato served with rice and refried beans


#6 Tamales..... $7.25

3 pork tamales served with rice and refried beans


#7 Barbacoa Plate......$7.99

Lean steamed beef served with rice and refried beans


#8 Asado..... $7.99

Pork tips in a red chile sauce served with rice

 and refried beans


#9 Carne Guisada .....$7.99

Beef tips sautéed with tomato, jalapeno, and onion

 served with rice and refried beans


#10 Combo Plate .....$7.99

1 enchilads, 1 taco, 1 pork tamale served with rice

 and refried beans


#11 Mega Nachos...... $7.99

Tortilla chips topped with beans, ground beef,

cheese, tomato, sour cream, guacamole and jalapeno


#12 Chicharron Plate ......$7.50

Pork rinds in a spicy green chile sauce, served

with rice and refried beans


#13 Carnitas ......$7.99

Pulled pork served with rice, refried beans,

tortillas,lemon, cilantro and grilled onion


#14 Quesadillas .......$7.50

4 cheese, chicken or beef quesadillas served with

lettuce, tomato, sour cream, rice and refried beans



Beans $1.25      Rice $1.25        Chips & Salsa 99¢

Cheese 75¢    Guacamole $1.25   Sour Cream 75¢ 



         Kid’s Menu

          All meals served with rice, refried beans

                     & a small drink ......$4.99



                     beef, chicken or cheese


             beef or chicken, soft or crispy


                          beef or chicken


                    beef, chicken or cheese


Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays

          11am-7pm with the purchase of an

                 adult meal, dine-in only


        Salsa & Pico de Gallo

                          Individual 25¢

                       Small...$1.99 5oz

                     Medium...$2.99 8oz

                     Large...$4.50 16oz





        Family Style Meals


Tamale Family Meal.....$29.99

2 dozen tamales, 1 pint of refried beans,

1 pint of rice, 8oz salsa and a 2 liter of Coca-Cola


Family Pack...... $31.99                        

2 lbs of meat, 1 pint of refried beans, 1 pint of rice, a

dozen tortillas, 5oz salsa or pico de gallo and a 2 liter

of Coca-Cola


Family Menudo .......$29.99

1 gallon of menudo, lemon, cilantro, onion, 1 dozen

corn tortillas 6 flour tortillas  or 4 bolillos and a

2 liter of Coca-Cola


        Large Servings


Pork Tamales....... $9.99 a dozen

Barbacoa, Guizo, Asado, Carnitas,

Taco Meat &  Chicharron

.....$4.99 ½lb.....$9.99 lb


Fajita...... $6.99 ½lb.........  $13.99 1lb


Menudo........ $7.25 qt served with tortillas or bolillo, lime,

                            onion and cilantro

                 ......... $28.99 gallon served with tortillas or bolillos,

                             lime, onion and cilantro