Wedding, Groom, and

Quinceanera Cake Information


Cake Flavors

White, Chocolate, Marble, Strawberry and Red Velvet

Cake Fillings

Strawberry, Bavarian Cream, Lemon and Pineapple


All of our cakes priced at $2.10 a serving. This includes icing decoration, cake plates, columns, cake filings and mixed flavors on each tier.


Arlington and Grand Praire $35.00

Outside this area $40.00 and up.

Synthetic Decorations

There is no additional cost to have us place these items on your cake so long as these items are brought in one week prior to your event date.

Special Order Items

We can order items such as toppers, gum paste items, letters, ect. for an additional fee.



To schedule an appoitment please call or email us. We will be happy to sit and answer all of your questions and give you an apportunity to sample our cake. 


Cake Sizes and Servings for Round Cakes

Size   Servings   Price

     6"        10           $21.00
      8"        25           $52.50
     10"       35           $73.50
      12"        50          $105.00
      14"        75          $157.00
      16"       100         $210.00
      18"       125        $262.50


Cake Sizes and Servings for Square Cakes

Size  Servings  Price

   6"         20        $42.00
   8"         30        $63.00
    10"        50        $105.00
    12"        70        $147.00
    14"        95        $199.50
    16"       125       $262.50
     18"       160       $336.00


Preparing for Your Appointment

Will you be serving a brides and grooms cake?

Typically guests are given a choice, white or chocolate?

How many quests will be attending including children?

If you have pictures, magazine photos, or anything that will help us see your vision please bring it to your appointment.

Please bring color swatches so we have the exact shade you want to see on your cake.

Ir your cake is being delivered designate a person of contact. The wedding part is usually far too busy and this is one detail that you shouldn't have to worry about on your special day.